Mantle Love

I spent a fantabulous amount of time on Saturday crafting for my Christmas mantle. Sure to anger some Christmas decor purists out there, I stuck with shades of blue, silver, and white. I’m not a green and red hater. It just wasn’t the look I was after this year.

Ok, where to start?  Let’s go for an overview:

Ah, there she is. My overall theme was modern, clean, and bright.

I just adore this garland. I first saw it over on Curbly, though I had to craft mine a bit different. Not having access to any stores that carry craft punches, I hand cut all these circles using three different shades of blue, a speckled white, and a metallic silver paper. Then I pulled out my sewing machine and using a gold thread (left over from these curtains) sewed them into long strands. Sewing paper is lot a simpler than you’d think, and actually quite fun.

The vase on the far left holds glass bulbs in liquid silver. To make them stand out against the white wall, I slipped in a skinny piece of blue paper into the vase. The two paper sculptures next in line are Polish porcupine stars. I was introduced to these beauties over at How About Orange.

Next comes a Mason jar wrapped in a small piece of circle garland, followed by my lovely Tweet and a small glass vase filled with silver ball garland.

Ok, let’s move over.

When I was crafting the Polish porcupine stars, I noticed that the individual pieces were quite beautiful in themselves (see step three). Using one of my sheets of metallic silver, I created the star for the center of my garland.

Over here on the right side there’s one more Polish porcupine star, and an antique vase holding three white pom flowers. I like the height and texture the flowers add. To finish the mantle off, I modified our Christmas card design slightly and placed it in a silver frame with a garland-matching-blue mat. (Sorry for all those who get Christmas cards from us, I guess I just spilled the beans on that one!)

Now, those three long fixtures. Let me tell you what those are all about.

We don’t have any artwork above the mantle yet (it’s coming!). An idea flashed into my head that we could add some height to the fireplace while displaying our Christmas cards all in one fell swoop. In the past we’ve taped Christmas cards around the front door, around big windows, and stood them on mantles. But what if they could be displayed in a more purposeful manner? I ran the idea past ever-handy Mike and voila! Twenty minutes later I had my holders.

Using 2×2′s left over from the garage shelving, Mike sawed three even pieces. We then measured how high we wanted them to go on the wall and how far out they’d rest on the mantle. If you’re a math wiz, you can rest on the Pythagorean theorem. If you’re like me, you can go to this right angle calculator. Armed with the two angles needed, Mike marked off the angles and sawed away.

After he passed the raw wood pieces off to me, I gave them two coats of paint (Behr’s Trail Print). Then, using a roll of 1/4″ cork, I hot glued cork all along the fronts. I cut small squares of grip shelf liner on the bottom to keep them from slipping off the mantle, and up they went. We only have three Christmas cards so far, but I love how the whole effect looks. After Christmas is over I could see these on top of a credenza holding snapshots, birthday cards, tickets, etc.

So that’s the start of our holiday decor! We still have Glenhilda to decorate, and a few festive touches to put in every room. Did you do any holiday crafting? Leave it in the comments!

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11 Responses to Mantle Love

  1. claire says:

    i love the color scheme! it’s fun to mix it up each year and not always go traditional.
    those stars are amazing! might have to try those out myself. all in all – a lovely mantle!

  2. so. much. fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That IS my color scheme, which is why I had to hop over here from Centsational Girl to see! You added wonderful pops of unexpected color on a dime- I’m totally behind that! Well done.

  4. Beth@A2Z says:

    Your mantel is fresh and fun. Love it!

  5. I have never decorated with red and green either! I love the blues for Christmas! Great job making everything on there, I love the adorable garland!

  6. Christy says:

    I love your garland! I’ll have to give sewing paper a try soon!

  7. Sara says:

    Wow, thanks everyone!

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  10. What an awesomely unique mantle! I love that its not red and green! Blue and silvers/whites are just as wintery and beautiful! Bravo!

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