Living Room : Call out for Help!

This weekend we’re tackling our living room design. We have both come to the conclusion that it’s just not working out, mainly because we have no plan for it. No overarching design idea, no color scheme, no nothing. So, we need your help.

There are a few constants that we want to work around. Here they are :

The background color reflects our recent paint job in the room (Behr’s Gallery White). The couch and chair are both recent purchases.  The couch has to stay in here, the chair could fit somewhere else in the house but we want to try our best to incorporate into the living room.  The floor is Ridge Hickory from Kahrs.  To make matters difficult we don’t have this flooring in yet (we are still rocking the beige carpet), but it will go in this spring. We want to design for the new floor, not for the carpet.

Ah, and let’s not forget the unmovable fireplace.

This room is part of the house’s great room, with the other part being the dining room. The dining room right now is a pretty basic dark brown woods with green accent. So it shouldn’t be too hard to make them all connect.

Given these parameters, what would you do? Color scheme (while keeping the walls white)? Furniture? Accessories? We are dying to know your thoughts, please help!

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16 Responses to Living Room : Call out for Help!

  1. Kristin says:

    Do you HAVE to keep the walls white? Adding some color would pull everything together.

    • Sara says:

      The problem with painting the walls a color is needs to match everything in both the kitchen and dining room – and we don’t want them all painted the same color. So we were hoping to pull it off with white walls (which we love) and colorful art/accents.

  2. Kristin says:

    I would put something to the left of the fire place to balance off the window that’s on the right. I’d also move the bookshelf to another wall (or even to the left of the fireplace) and maybe remove the chair and add another couch where the book shelve currently is or add a second chair so the furniture set up is more of an L and facing the fire place (and the red couch centered on the fireplace). Then add art or photos to the far wall and above the fireplace. You MUST have a photo you can blow up.

    Is there room to swing the dining room table around the other way to add more space to the living room??

    • Sara says:

      We sadly can’t center the couch with the fireplace because of how the dining room and hallway connect – it would block off passage. But I’m loving your idea about moving the bookcase (or adding something else to offset the window). We used to have the dining room table the other way, but it flows funky with the bar attached to the kitchen. Long, narrow rooms can be the pits! We thought about separating the living room/dining room with some sort of divider – haven’t abandoned that thought completely … yet.

      Thank you for your suggestions Kristin!

  3. I would pick out a bold abstract rug that incorporates the red of the couch with maybe some warm neutrals. Dark brown/cherry coffee table and/or accent table(s). Some fun textured throws could also tie in whatever color scheme you ultimately decide on. eep! Kristin had some great suggestions! Best of luck =)


    • Sara says:

      Thanks Jenn! We’ll definitely want to add some textures, I really like that thinking. Rugs are so my nemesis, I swear I could spent weeks just picking out one! But you’re right, once the wood floor is in we’re going to have to have smaller rugs to soften the space and tie together colors.

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  5. other Sara says:

    Hey sara & mike! so I was reading your comments on living room redecoration and whatnot. You mention maybe some sort of divider between living/dining areas as an option? I wonder if a low/ counter-like bookshelf that sticks out from the wall between fireplace and tall dining room window might work… What if it were similar height to the kitchen bar counter? You could put something on it, or above it, which could then provide some semblance of balance to the window on the opposite side of the fireplace. If it were a double-sided shelf, I’m seeing white only cause that feels more like “wall,” you could put some fun pieces in it on the living room side, and maybe glassware, or some serving pieces on the dining room side if you need any more cabinet space? Maybe that is helpful, maybe not. Enjoy playing around! (PS: I’m SO jealous you guys have so much snow!! VT is warm-ish and rainy. hmph.)

    • Sara says:

      Sara, that’s an awesome idea! Really in love with the idea of a low, long bookshelf. You know how much we like to read! And if we could find one deep enough to store things on the other side – napkins, placemats, etc – that would be uber cool. You’re so smart. Please move to Idaho. ;)

      • other Sara says:

        I should, because you guys have lovely snow! and lovely people live there too, i hear ;)

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  8. Jillbeans says:

    You could have Mike make one to fit your dimension desires! Right after he is done making that bed thing :) Put him to work!!

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